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“Our job is really about empowering women to find something that’s going to help them be healthy and strong…”

AUTHOR: Dr Nicole Bates

The thought of hitting 40 can be enough to send even the most sensible of people into a spin. Unfortunately, many of the women I treat approach the big 4-0 feeling much worse than they need to.

Between the ages of 35-40, females in particular tend to notice a lot of changes within their body. Bones and joints can start to ache, hormones change, and people can start to feel just generally run down.

Which is where Osteopathy comes in.

Generally women will come to me in frustration, complaining that they’re in a lot more pain, they’re really fatigued, and they can’t lose weight. It’s definitely a time where they feel they can’t get their body to bounce back the way that it used to do.

Unfortunately, the longer people leave it the harder it can be to claw back. As people move into their forties and then fifties, they do lose bone strength and it can be hard to put on muscle mass.

That’s where a good osteopath can help. We try to empower our clients to make the positive changes to their life that will help them to struggle less and enjoy their body more.

Education is paramount. I love being able to help my clients to better understand why their bodies may be feeling or acting in a certain way, as well as encouraging them to seek advice and support from their GP and other health professionals to ensure all areas of this complex situation are thoroughly looked at and understood. From hormone levels to diet, to exercise programs, it all has to come together for each individual.

The changes I’ve seen over time have been really positive. With a good team of health professionals, tissue tone can change, aches and pains can ease, mobility can improve, patients can have more energy, we find they tend to sleep better and just generally feel better about their own life. The saying 40 and fabulous really can be a reality.


About the Author:
Dr Nicole Bates (Osteopath)
App Sci (Comp. Med), M. Ost

Dr Nicole Bates has spent the past 12+ years of practice working all around Australia and alongside some of the nation’s most highly regarded osteopaths. Nicole has had many experiences which have shaped her practice of Osteopathy to what it is today.
Whilst still having a strong structural foundation to treatment, Nicole has also continued professional development in Cranial and Biodynamic fields of osteopathy. Her treatments vary for each and every body.

Dr Nicole Bate