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“…with the right guidance, attitude and help from health professionals we can work through- slowly but surely- to help you get feeling your best.”

AUTHOR: Dr Nicole Bates

If you’re struggling to lose weight or are feeling weighed down by the health implications of carrying extra kilos it can be tough to take the first step towards long lasting change.

Whether there’s physical barriers keeping you from taking that leap or emotional ones, making the move to begin a journey in weight loss can seem overwhelming, daunting and just a bit too hard. With the right attitude and guidance from health professionals we can work through- slowly but surely- to help you to get feeling your best.

I see many patients who come to me with a wide variety of issues, from knee pain to lower back pain, which can unfortunately be part and parcel of carrying extra weight and putting extra loading on the skeletal system.

At the outset, we have a very honest conversation about just how much extra pressure the body is carrying around and how that is affecting an individual and the long-term effects it may be having on the joints and general health and wellbeing.

As a practitioner, it’s important to understand that weight loss is both an emotional and a physical journey so it is paramount that our patients know that Townsville Osteopathy is an environment where they can talk openly in a judgment free zone.

We all have vices and struggles that we need to overcome so we ensure that our patients have a safe space where to address those struggles, while also identifying the right people and other professionals that can help them make positive changes for the longer term.

Hands-on treatment has many benefits, but it is also up to the client to take ownerships of their journey and lifestyle choices and implement those changes that only they can make.

At the end of the day, we want to see our patients make long-lasting and positive change, so they don’t have to be reliant on an Osteopath to feel great. I do what I do because I love helping people be able to make the most of their lives and to understand that if they make positive changes, they really can start to become the master of their own destiny.


About the Author:
Dr Nicole Bates (Osteopath)
App Sci (Comp. Med), M. Ost

Dr Nicole Bates has spent the past 12+ years of practice working all around Australia and alongside some of the nation’s most highly regarded osteopaths. Nicole has had many experiences which have shaped her practice of Osteopathy to what it is today.
Whilst still having a strong structural foundation to treatment, Nicole has also continued professional development in Cranial and Biodynamic fields of osteopathy. Her treatments vary for each and every body.

Dr Nicole Bate