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Dr Nicole Bate
“Sadly, many people are complacent in putting up with pain. They’re just so used to being uncomfortable and fatigued that they don’t realise it doesn’t have to be their everyday “normal”.Dr. Nicole Bates

Since beginning my career in osteopathy in 2008, I’ve come to realise that there are many people for which the industry remains a complete mystery. It’s one of those areas of practice that people don’t fully understand until they’re treated and have that lightbulb “uh-hah” moment. Osteopathy, as its very core, is a holistic approach to health care and wellbeing that focuses on total body health.

Osteopaths skilfully assess how the skeleton, joints, muscles, nerves, circulation, connective tissue and internal organs function together. We then use that information to help reduce pain, restore movement and improve the function of the body.

There is however, so much more than just the manual side and the hands-on treatment, it's also the education piece. I love enabling and empowering patients to take control of their health and be honest with themselves to ensure that they're getting the best outcomes and are able to live their life, as healthy and as happily as possible.

As people’s lifestyle get increasingly hectic, osteopathy provides in-depth assessment and diagnosis of musculoskeletal conditions and injuries that are a part and parcel with life in the current age. Osteopaths will then tailor hands-on treatment and management to suit each individual need.

We treat patients with ailments ranging from headaches and neck pain, to disc injuries and associated nerve issues that stem from them.

Our treatments are comprehensive, and we place a big priority in building relationships with our clients. Honest conversations play a big role within our treatment sessions as, at the end of the day, we do just want the best, most comprehensive, outcomes for our patients. We’re empowering them to make long term lifestyle changes.

Osteopathy often gets confused with chiropractic work, and while there may be small overlap in some techniques, osteopathy is more holistic. Our job is to ensure that we're addressing, not just the joint issue, but also the muscles, poor posture and the lifestyle issues that are keeping patients in dysfunctional states so that they can make positive long term changes and don't have to be reliant on us as practitioners.

Sadly, many people are complacent in putting up with pain. They're just so used to being uncomfortable and fatigued that they don’t realise it doesn’t have to be their everyday “normal”. I work with my patients to help them understand that they can be expecting a lot more from their body. That usually means putting in more effort, but it is always worth it. At Townsville Osteopathy, we’re here to facilitate that change and really help our patients to grow and to encourage a positive outcome.


About the Author:

Dr Nicole Bates (Osteopath) B. App Sci (Comp. Med), M. Ost

Dr Nicole Bates has spent the past 12+ years of practice working all around Australia and alongside some of the nation’s most highly regarded osteopaths. Nicole has had many experiences which have shaped her practice of Osteopathy to what it is today. Whilst still having a strong structural foundation to treatment, Nicole has also continued professional development in Cranial and Biodynamic fields of osteopathy. Her treatments vary for each and every body.